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The company is our client and no single party. Our mission is integrated, aiming at the fastest possible safeguarding and stabilizing in case of crisis. This is been followed by sustainable growth of earnings based on a clear and strong vision and strategy for the future to come. Our approach is professional, personal, dynamic and authentic. We draw our motivation out of positive experiences in consulting and management in over 30 branches and transfer it profoundly into the company. We introduce change to operations consequently and humanely to obtain implementation. Routine in also very practical procurement and sales issues combined with broad operational knowledge assure stringent impact on the value chain improvement. The owner’s active business experience in over 50 nations worldwide affects our activities in directions of growing returns.

Roger D. Blackwell’s „Do not market a bad product“ is a guiding theme for the intensely sales-dedicated owner Rudolf Menningen.


1) Interim Management

In addition to more and more demanding markets, today’s Managements face an increasing lack of qualified personnel to meet daily challenges.

Oftentimes, companies are shifted into crises by massive management failure, and being there it is even more difficult to move forward due to missing specific know-how. In this situation, Interim Management serves valuable restructuring expertise, and furthermore an external Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO), being available shortly, can take immediate action for change with no political constraints. The company management can meanwhile concentrate on the rebuild of the organization, or the CRO may also become CFO or CEO, if the situation requires it.

„Facts and figures are my main basis for integrated turnaround management, change and growth. Yet, I do also have a strong sales focus! Upon agreement, it is our mission to help the company in all fields and aspects, as the situation mostly requires a time-critical decathlon.“ - Rudolf Menningen, owner of CxO24.

2) Business Consulting

We are no „traditional consultants“ – we are Managers who take action, change and move forward. Additionally, we greatly advise also beyond our tasks based on our integrated approach.

Our consulting service focusses on shareholder matters such as their interplay and perspective orientation including succession issues in particular.

„I have experienced almost all succession challenges personally. Fortunately, I could also be part of successful processes! I greatly appreciate to share all this experience with both generations and personally asses every individual in this extremely difficult and oftentimes very emotional process.“ - Rudolf Menningen, owner of CxO24.

3) Advisory and Supervisory Boards

Especially following active involvement in a company, we appreciate to take over advisory or supervisory board membership with the clear mission „supervision & advice“. Also in this responsibility, we are committed to pragmatic professionalism, dynamic support and authenticity towards all stakeholders in sense of the company.

4) Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

At option, we greatly support change processes in the shareholder or company portfolio, taking advantage our international network.

5) Bridging Europe – North America

For the great number of European companies seeking business potentials in North America, we help bridging to the United States and Canada. We represent European companies with operational and executive Sales Services as well as CEO, COO, CSO and CRO positions in North America. We get in touch with potential customers, suppliers or investors and keep up with existing business partners as the local contact to realize your strategic (marketing) plans. Furthermore we help to establish local infrastructure in North America, e.g. starting out with a regional office service, followed by acquiring and managing regional sales people and other staff up to setting up local production and service. Our Interim Management Concept can provide a full-size start-up, restructuring or transformation to create a basis for strategic sustainable growth and a prosperous business in North America as the overall target. Customers benefit from our North American expertise, our Management power and the bridging to Europe and can thereby accelerate their success on this important market.

For further information see www.bridgingNA.com


A worldwide network, consisting of Management Consultants, diverse Specialists including HR, Sales and Marketing Experts, Insurance, Legal and Tax Professionals etc. allow us for immediate, efficient and effective help. It is an important part of our integrated approach!


With respect to our confidentiality we kindly ask you to individually contact us in this respect.